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Your Grooming Questions Answered

    What is the basic difference between a Bath and Tidy and a Full Grooming?A Bath and Tidy is a thorough and professional cleaning, plus a healthful and beautifying trim of those areas of your dog that get the most heavily soiled: head, paws, and sanitary area. A Full Grooming includes a thorough and professional cleaning, plus a style cut for your dog's coat. In general, a Bath and Tidy serves as a touch-up service between visits for a Full Grooming. If your dog never requires a Full Grooming, a Bath and Tidy will keep him/her in top condition.

    Do you charge extra for grooming older dogs? Never. We find older dogs are generally mellow and easy to work with. We do not discriminate, or add special charges for any dog based upon age.

    Do you charge extra for grooming dogs with behavior problems? We do not. We handle each dog according to its needs and get the job done. If it becomes impossible to complete a dog's grooming due to safety issues, we will discontinue the grooming and charge only for the amount of work that was completed.

    My dog has fleas. What now? Come on in! We treat for fleas at no extra charge. Flea prevention medications disrupt the reproductive cycle of fleas in your dog's coat, but they are not a 100% guarantee against fleas. Our flea treatment will get rid of all fleas on your dog's coat. One other note: fleas on your dog are not a sign of poor housekeeping or neglect. Fleas are everywhere outside, especially in moist gritty soils. Any dog can pick up fleas at anytime. It's nothing personal, it's just nature at work.

    We also offer a few specialty services for your convenience that carry a small additional charge. These include tooth brushing, nail dremelling and nail polishing.

    What are your admission policies for All-Day Play Care? Your dog must be 8 months or older, and weigh, as an adult, 35 pounds or less. He/she must be spayed or neutered, and be in generally good health. We will accept a dog with physical limitations as long as he/she is can move about unassisted. Your dog must have the following annual vaccinations completed and current: Rabies; Distemper/ Parvo, Bordetella (Kennel Cough), and flea prevention.

    Why don't you accept puppies for All-Day Play Care?There are two reasons. First, dogs in our Play Care area must have all adult vaccinations completed. Second, most puppies cannot handle the adult dog social scene. Through experience, we have found that adult dogs have the same fascination for puppies that humans do. Unfortunately, many dogs do not or cannot restrain their enthusiasm for puppies. The puppy may be prodded and continually pestered by well-intentioned, friendly adult dogs. A puppy is not equipped to handle this type of stimulation. His/her likely reaction--squirming, whining, snapping or fleeing--only serves to excite adult dogs even more. If you are contemplating Play Care for your puppy, we strongly recommend giving him/her some time to mature behaviorally before running with the big dogs. * Please call us to discuss *

    The main page says All-Day Play Care runs until 7:00 pm. What if I am running late? That happens from time to time. You are busy and Atlanta traffic can be a nightmare. We strongly encourage you to designate one or more representatives who can take responsibility for picking up your dog if you are running late. As a busy person with a full schedule, you can appreciate why we need to end our long day at 7:00 pm. With this in mind, if no one arrives by 7:00 pm to pick your dog up, we will lovingly and safely keep your dog as our guest for the night. An overnight boarding fee of $38 dollars will be charged in lieu of your one-day Play Care rate.

    Is there anything for which you charge extra? We base our grooming rates upon the time necessary to complete a grooming. In general, dogs with long coats, dogs with highly stylized coats, and large dogs take longer to groom. They cost a bit more to groom than short-coated dogs, or dogs with simple styling needs, or small dogs. We may adjust our price slightly upwards if we encounter a coat with extensive matting or a coat that needs extra work due to poor condition. We will let you know what that adjustment will be in advance, so you can make an informed decision on how to proceed.

    We also offer a few specialty services for your convenience that carry a small additional charge. These include tooth brushing, nail polishing, and nail capping.

    What are the basic kinds of cuts or styles you offer? We can do anything you wish, as long as your dog has the coat to support it. Obviously, we cannot make a short coat longer and we cannot replace hair in bald spots. We will be happy to make suggestions, but ultimately it is your call and we listen.

    What can I do about tear stains on my dog's face? There are a few options, none of which work 100%. The first and simplest is to let us thoroughly wash your dog's face. This will remove the caked on deposits on the face. Some staining will remain on the hair and skin. The second option is to let us cut away the stained hair. This will reduced the stained appearance even more, but may not entirely eliminate it. The third option is purchase a tear stain removal and prevention kit from your veterinarian or from a retail source. This kit will reduce tear staining but never eliminate it.